What is the most efficient way to expand my vocabulary?

Many times when I write I cannot think of the word that sounds best in a certain place and also has the right meaning. I attribute this to my own poor vocabulary. Because of this, I need to check the thesaurus often. But I know that this is not good since I don’t know the right way to use all the words I find in the thesaurus. I think I need to expand my vocabulary. So I want to ask what is the easiest and quickest way to do this. I usually don’t read much fiction, but informative texts, which uses a vocabulary closer to my own than that which fiction uses. So, should I read more fiction and look up all the words I encounter which I don’t know? I think it would probably be good for me to read more fiction anyway since I have been wanting to write fiction. But whenever I try to read a fiction book, I encounter so many words I don’t know. A thesaurus gives you synonyms and antonyms, yes, but it does not give usage context. Consider that without correct context, one ends up sounding like Vizzini. But I don’t want to write them all down with their definitions and memorize them thoroughly before I can read the chapter with full understanding. But maybe this is the only way to do it. Working vocabulary is acquired through active use. And reading, being an active process, puts words in a working construct, not merely a list of synonyms.Custom essay writing services
It is a skill set that is universal across fiction and nonfiction. Look into authors who write across genres, subjects, and formats. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays. Consider what you read, compare amd contrast. This is why taking time to critique helps make one a more effective writer. There is no fast, easy way it is basic roadwork

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