Mac World Reviews Digital PA! Thanks for the great review! Minor correction: The App is free, but we do charge for server and database access.

How to create an account

To create an account, just email or call. We will set up your production on our server. Trail accounts are available. Releasing made easy is a few clicks away. Call: 614-314-6225 Email: Access to the server is priced by active accounts and duration.

Introducing Digital PA


Digital PA is a system designed to streamline the releasing process. It creates a truly paperless solution to all your releasing needs. Digital PA instantly creates a database from uploaded contracts, that is searchable and archive-able. Visit the DPA page to learn more…

New Look


WagonWorks just got a facelift! Thanks to Web Designer Colin McDonald of Stoker Production House and Graphic Designer Jeff Brush, WagonWorks and its film/television releasing App, Digital PA, have a new dew… Check out the new website:¬†