Digital PA (DPA) is the Flagship of WagonWorks.

Digital PA is a system designed to streamline the releasing process.
It creates a truly paperless solution to all your releasing needs.
Digital PA instantly creates a database from uploaded contracts, that
is searchable and archive-able. Push your contracts from the web to
all your iPads in the field. Execute releases, online or offline.
Manage your data with complete control. Never lose or worry about
organizing releases again. Use the Location 360 tool to catalog
clearance issues, or scout locations. Digital PA is able to sync
multiple devices with multiple users and all data is pushed, managed,
synced and processed through one central account.

Designed by professionals in the field. Built by a team of
international software experts. Powered by industry leading servers.
The turn-key solution for contracts.

Digital PA. Processing people, so you don’t have to.